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Based in West Drayton, Little Doves Childcare are always happy to help parents look after their children with our childminder services.

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At Little Doves Childcare, we’re proud to say that we offer a friendly and caring childminding service that is based in West Drayton. For many years, we’ve been dedicated to promoting a happy and relaxed atmosphere to help children grow and develop, so that they’re prepared for school. Our day-care has always been heavily focused on “learning through play” within a nurturing and stimulating environment. It’s always been important to us that we’re able to give children the right tools to be successful in their education. To ensure that, from an early age, they’re curious about the world around them and are able to enjoy the process of learning.

We take great pride in our exceptional approach to childcare, as we take every opportunity to nurture and encourage children to be happy individuals. Nursery is just the beginning of your child’s education and so we work hard to ensure that your child is ready for this brand new experience. At Little Doves Childcare, we understand that every child is unique, so we tailor our services to the needs of each child, to ensure that everyone feels included. Every child receives the right amount of time and attention that they will need to develop into young, bright students. Most significantly, our childcare enables children to be confident and successful individuals with high self-esteem. We also encourage independence amongst the children, so as to help your child make a natural transition into full time schooling. Furthermore, we strongly believe in the importance of helping children become strong and independent through positive relationships. At our day-care, we understand that a stimulating environment is crucial to present your child with opportunities of further development. So get in touch to learn more about our childcare services.

We are open to all children who are aged between 9 months and 5 years from local surrounding areas. 

Diverse Kindergarten

To learn more about Little Doves Childcare's childminding services, please call us today on 07459 542617.